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    June 20th, 2012

    I've got a tiny lovely player called Sansa Clip and i just felt in love with it! 
    Ohh it almost broke my heart after i found out it doesn't support directory based music browsing, ohhhh...
    So i've wiped the dust off my good old vb.net 2008, and then, after few moments i had the cure!

    This program is quite simple. It has just one button - for creating playlists for all the mp3/wma/flac/ogg files all over the /music/ folder on your players!

    Click it - and each folder in the /music/ directory will get it's own playlist, so it's subdirectories wolud get playlists too.
    For example:
    That's what i have in my /music/: 

    │   ├───2007-2008
    │   ├───2004-2006
    │   ├───2006-2007
    │   └───Old (200x)
    ├───Bic Runga
    │   ├───Beautiful Collision
    │   ├───Bursting Through EP
    │   └───Drive
    └───The Postal Service
        ├───Give up
        └───Le Chevre

    And in single click i get these playlists in the root of my player:

    House-Old (200x).m3u
    Bic Runga.m3u
    Bic Runga-Beautiful Collision.m3u
    Bic Runga-Bursting Through EP.m3u
    Bic Runga-Drive.m3u
    The Postal Service.m3u
    The Postal Service-Give up.m3u
    The Postal Service-Le Chevre.m3u


    That's almost if i'd browse the directories or even better!

    Well there is a drawback - the player is a bit slow on selecting playlists...


    Be carefull with the options - they gonna wipe all your playlists off the player...

    Download here: Sansastic!Playlist.zip

    By s3t © 2011