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    May 13th, 2013

    Here i'll list some suppliers for diferent components i use.
    Generally they are nice, reasonably priced suppliers with good quality components...

    I do my PCBs at Seeed Studio.

     - 25$ for 10x10cm (2x2"), 10 pieces ($25 is for 10 pieces!).
     - 10$ for 5x5cm (1x1"), 10 pieces ($10 is for 10 pieces!).
     + Shipping around $5. Free shipping for >50$ orders!

    I get my transformers from Antek Inc. They have lots of transformers to choose from, in really nice VA/voltage table. They provide interwinding shielding and tube-ready transformers too.

    Higher-grade Nichicons/ELNAs are available from Euro Semiconductor. They have quite small list of values, but at least they are genuine and nicely priced. They have some small enclosed transformers too.

    WIMA MKP/FKP caps in small quantities and different values from VIODOL.

    Enclosures are sourced from WonderCo. The HB* line is pretty. The drawback is their enclosures come in different front panel width - you'll have to stick to some specific size and live with it if you want to build a system.
    They are fine with headphone amps/DACs/small amplifiers e.t.c.
    His AC switches with fuse and DIN socket are pretty nice.

    ScanSpeak drivers could be sourced from classifieds sections on DiyMobileAudio.com and DiyAudio.com, specially from elviukai - both standard and OEM. They ain't new, but the price reflects it. 

    For Israeli guys - a nice farnell reseller named http://www.lion.co.il/ - prices are good, shipping is cheap, takes PayPal and has no issues, the ordering process is seamless and straightforward.
    No need to accumulate "wanted" lists for a while prior to ordering - you just order what you currently need and get it right away.

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