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    May 25th, 2013

    Ok, by far the parts to be installed:

    iRiver H120 mp3 player with RockBox firmware and TOSLink digital output.
     - Built in delay correction for left channel to fix the length difference between right and left channels in driver's position. Works flawlessly! :)
     - Parametic EQ tailored thru comparisions against original material and Ekta speakers with the cool recored method stated here.

     - Planet Audio 100Wx2
     - Holywood Sound Labs 1000W: Subwoofer (eBay cheapie with beastie guts)

     - Passive between woofers and horns
     - Horn "correction" - the horn pumps-up the midange, and then you high-pass the thing with 1st order xover at the frequency of peak - this way you het so-so flat response:

    Midrange/Tweeter: Horns! El-Cheapo 1" fullrange speaker found in PC speakers and other cr@p things as laptops. In some PA horn lenses tailored to fit on the dashboard. From eBay.
    Woofer: Pair of Peerless HDS Nomex 6.5"
    Subwoofer: ETON CRAG 500W 12"

    Dashboard horns:

    Fabrication of pods:

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