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    September 1st, 2012

    The rig was made for capturing live performances (not especially concerts or whatever, just real world sounds) as well as for capturing various stereo systems preformances, for later evaluation.

     - Two Panasonic WM61A microphones (well regarded for their flat/smooth frequency response)
     - iRiver H120 MP3 player with RockBox firmware for lossless 44.1k/16bit WAV recordings.
     - Oddglasses. No lenses, so they should be kinda acoustically transparent :) A bit of damping next to mike should be added, otherwise there may be be HF suckout.

    No heavy preamps for mikes, no hefty ADCs, nothing. This rig is as portable as your mp3 player plus headphones, it uses your head as a dummy head, and captures rather flat and revealing sound images. (at least it should :) )
    For proper reproduction of recorded material, you should use your's headphones - for proper binaural recording/reproduction. I capture the sound waves as they come close to my ears, and the playback system should reproduce the sound waves near the ears - waves should continue to flow the way they came to the mike.

    Reference file: testdisc2.flac by Audiomaniac

    Recorded sounds:

    Original file, converted to mp3 and normalized to similar level with recorded material:
    http://s3t.it/data/uploads/recording_original_normalized.mp3 ... For reference to the other recordings.

    Office system - take 1:
    http://s3t.it/data/uploads/recording-work-rig-take-1.mp3 Quite bad sounding as i've figured out. Should be fixed in the next recording... Mouse and keyboard clicks are amazing, as well as the air conditioner turn-on somewhere at the middle of recording. It captures the ambience, so it should clearly capture the whole sound system.

    Home system - take 1:
    http://s3t.it/data/uploads/recording-home-take1.mp3 Performance: TBD :)

    Car mess...:
    Without any EQ:
    http://s3t.it/data/uploads/recording-car-without-eq.mp3 With old EQ:
    http://s3t.it/data/uploads/recording-car-with-old-eq.mp3 Artifical (simulated) EQ applied to unequalised car recording, tweaked to match original:
    http://s3t.it/data/uploads/recording-car-with-artifical-eq.mp3Real mp3 player's EQ as per previous artifical one, that's how my car sounds right now:
    http://s3t.it/data/uploads/recording-car-with-real-flat-eq.mp3Real mp3 player's EQ as per Ekta's sound signature:
    http://s3t.it/data/uploads/recording-car-with-ekta-eq.mp3 Original file: http://s3t.it/data/uploads/recording_original_normalized.mp3 ... For reference to the other recordings.

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